The Cohort curates five insightful mobile-related stories every day. Once a story is accepted to the site, it will be featured in the daily newsletter.

There are no concrete boundaries when it comes to the featured stories. Stories can be pretty much anything – a thought-leading article, a piece of important news that impacts the industry, a cheat sheet, a how-to guide, an M&A-related announcement, or anything else that’s relevant.

Most stories refer to:

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I spend a lot of my time reading industry news. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss a whole lot of information. That’s why you’re more than welcome to submit your own insights.

A few tips on what stories I’m looking for:

  1. Mobile, not digital

    The Cohort is all about mobile. If the link carries meaningful information for the mobile industry, that may be enough to get it posted.

  2. New, not old

    This industry is moving fast. So, only new content is featured on The Cohort. If it’s more than a week old, it’s old.

  3. Free, not paid

    Only on rare occasions will The Cohort feature a link that sends you to a paid content page. I generally avoid it, unless this content offers something extremely valuable. Very few exceptions to this rule.

  4. Short, not long

    We’re all busy and only have a few minutes a day to catch up on industry insights. Aim for content that’s straight to the point. Having said that, lots of interesting guides and tips take more than 10 or even 15 minutes to read. So if you’re interested in sharing long-read content, just make sure it’s worthy of the community’s time.